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Medford Knife & Tool is a popular maker of high-quality knives and tools based out of Phoenix, AZ. Founded by husband and wife team Greg and Amy Medford, Medford Knives is known for their incredibly sturdy, heavy-duty designs that are built to last. Their most iconic and recognizable design is the Praetorian series, which comes in three different sizes: Praetorian, Praetorian Genesis, and Micro Praetorian. No matter which size you choose, these knives are made using strong, reliable titanium in both the front and back with a frame lock design. And with a variety of different finishes available such as flame treating, anodizing, tumbling, or DLC coating, Medford Knives offers a range of options to suit your needs. So whether you're looking for a tool that will stand up to heavy use or just looking for something extra tough to get the job done, Medford Knife & Tool has you covered.