Medford Knife and Tool
Praetorian Genesis Ti

Named after the hardened Praetorian guards of Rome, the Medford Praetorian Genesis Ti knives are considered to be the ‘Goldilocks” of Medford Knives – not too big, not too small. The Praetorian Genesis Ti knives are feature loaded, with blades that are extra thick, hollow-ground and sharpened by hand, and come in either a drop point or tanto blade shape. These incredible .260” thick blades glide effortlessly on bronze washers wrapped around oversized six-shooter inspired pivots. These massive pivots tie together the .187” thick solid titanium scales and a hardened breaker at the base. For a secure fit in the pocket, the Medford Praetorian Genesis Ti includes a milled titanium pocket clip. Like most knives with Medford Knife and Tool, they come in a variety of customization configurations unlike anything you will see on the market. Find your next Praetorian Genesis Ti below, or Click Here to Shop All Medford Knives.