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Medford Knife and Tool
Full-Size Praetorian T

The Medford Knife and Tool Praetorian T is a truly exceptional folding knife, forged strong like the mighty praetorian guards of ancient Rome. Unlike other knives in its class, which are often made with cheap and low-quality materials, this Medford Praetorian T is actually made with only the highest quality, fully American-sourced components. With a blade that measures a whopping 190 inches thick and tough titanium frames that are over .125 inch thick, this pocketknife is more than capable of standing up to even the most demanding tasks. Whether you're using it for outdoor exploration or office work, this Medford knife really is second to none. Plus, from its durable construction to its expert design, every Medford Knife is built to last a lifetime. So why wait? See for yourself why the Medford Praetorian T stands in a class all of its own!


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