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Five Handy Uses for a Pocket Knife

The many people who always carry a pocketknife like to have it around for protection. These knives are also handy when hunting, fishing and camping.

But folks who want to own pocketknives that are unique and “really mean business” get them from The Medford Guy. The Medford Guy sells knives that are made from unique components and that can lay claim to capabilities far beyond most other pocketknives.

But as hard-core as the knives from The Medford Guy are, they can also be used for simpler tasks. Here are some other ways that a knife in your pocket can come through in an unexpected clutch.

You can cut just about anything. Some situations happen every day, such as opening zip cords or taped-up packages. Others come up less often, like cutting an animal out of a wire tangle.

It can fill in for a tool box. You can score wood, remove a nail, punch a hole in your belt, etc. It can also be an all-purpose screwdriver.

Start a fire. If you want to get a blaze going with minimal equipment, a knife can shave off bark for kindling, cut away wet wood and even light a spark.

It helps your on-the-go eating. A man on the move is often short on utensils. A blade can pull duty as a knife, fork and spoon, as well as a utility to open beer bottles, wine and canned goods.

It can possibly save someone’s life. Medical supplies and/or the time you need to find them aren’t always on hand. Use it to get rid of a hangnail or splinter; or, tackle more dire situations, from making bandages or splints to cutting a driver out of his seatbelt or cutting a breathing hole in a trachea. Just remember to sterilize the blade with a flame or rubbing alcohol before touching or making an open wound!

To find out more about knives from The Medford Guy, make a call or send an email to 608-213-4869 or

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