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Pirate Lore: The Mysterious Silver Coins of El Dorado.

Choppy seas and unsold powers Captain Black Blood had heard the stories of the legendary coins of El Dorado for as long as he could remember. These mysterious coins were expertly forged by an infamous pirate metal master who comes from lands afar using silver so pure that they unlock untold power and abilities. A secret fraternity guards these coins and has sworn to protect the treasure for themselves making them near impossible to find.

They had been sailing through calm waters for days upon hearing a rumor the coins may have been located on an island only known as the land of forgotten tribes. All was going smoothly with the favorable winds at their back. That was until they encountered the deadliest storm of the century. The storm was like nothing the pirates had ever seen. The winds were so strong that they nearly capsized the ship, and the waves were so high that they crashed against the sides of the ship with the force of a thousand hammers. The crew was thrown about the deck like ragdolls, desperately clinging to anything they could find to stay afloat. Captain Black Blood fought to keep the ship on course, but it was a losing battle. “Hold Fast,” he shouted to his loyal pirate crew. They were going to need to brace themselves for what’s to come.

Just when all seemed lost, the storm slowly dissipated, and the crew found themselves in calm waters once again. They had survived the storm, but they were badly battered and in need of a haven to make repairs. The sails were torn, and wooden ruminants scattered across the decks. Their supplies had fallen overboard making their situation dire. That's when suddenly they spotted a mysterious island in the distance. It was shrouded in mist and looked like a place out of a fairytale.

Captain Black Blood and his crew cautiously approached the island, their swords, and knives at the ready. As they landed on the shore, they were greeted by the sound of exotic birds and the sight of lush vegetation. The island was a tropical paradise, unlike anything the pirates had ever seen. They spent the next few days exploring the island, but they soon realized that there was something strange about the place. An eerie feeling stayed with the crew like they were being watched. Something, or someone was moving throughout the vegetation. Could it be, that this was the island of the forgotten tribes? Black Blood had always heard rumors of its existence, but not many pirates lived to tell the tale. The island was thought to be inhabited by headhunters well practiced in the arts of dark magic. But surely this wasn’t the island? It looked like a paradise for the captain and his crew – an oasis in the middle of a desert for his troubled team desperate to repair the ship. Black Blood commanded half the crew to remain aboard the vessel to repair the sails and rafters as the others searched for food, shelter, and other resources they happen to find.

It was on the third day when things went downhill, fast. As the night set in they continued to hear movement in the brush around them. In fact, it was escalating in both cadence and occurrence. Twigs snapping and branches breaking, but surely there was a natural explanation. Suddenly, the sounds started to encircle the crew on the island. They were now surrounded by the headhunter tribe, who were chanting spells and wielding weapons made of bone and black onyx. Black Blood and his crew drew their swords and knives and began to fight valiantly against the carnivorous natives, but they were vastly outnumbered and found themselves overpowered and quickly captured.

The headhunter tribe brought them back to their camp deep in the forest. The pirates were bound and thrown into a clearing where a large fire had been lit. The headhunters began their preparations to sacrificially kill and to eat their prisoners. As the flames rose higher the chanting of the headhunters grew louder, suddenly out of the bushes appeared Captain Black Blood's remaining crew from the ship. They fought quickly and violently with their weapons clashing against the spears and arrows of the headhunters. In the chaos, they were able to free their captured crewmates, including Captain Black Blood himself. The reunited pirate crew made a break for their newly repaired ship waiting on the shore. Arrows flew overhead as they ran, but they were determined to escape and survive. They jumped aboard a small vessel and rowed back to the newly repair ship siting ashore. With arrows still flying and natives screaming curses from the shore the crew set sail, leaving the headhunters and their savage ways or dark magic behind.

The pirate crew breathed a sigh of relief as they sailed away from the dangerous island, grateful to be alive. Captain Black Blood and his crew had a newfound appreciation for the dangers of the sea and the unknown lands of the forgotten tribes. With that, they set sail for their next pirate adventure, ready for their next quest in finding El Dorado’s silver coins, or whatever fate had in store for them.

Black Blood and his pirate breathern set sail on their next path determined to find the mystical pirate coins that unlocked their dark powers. It had months after their last clue to where El Dorado’s silver coins rest. Surely the brotherhood protecting the coins have been changing locations determined to thwart Black Blood and his crew’s search. Finally, after countless empty searches across the vast sea the pirate crew gained their next clue to where the coins might be. During a quick supply run at the foreign pirate port of Ortega, Black Blood received a visit from Madam Calypso – a mystical woman gifted with the powers of foresight and able to predict all events of the future. Calypso and Black Blood’s paths seemed to cross courses often almost like a cosmic force had tied them together. Calypso tells Black Blood of her recent dreams about the mystical silver coins of El Dorado. In her latest visions she has seen the silver coins in a land not far from Ortega known as Muerte Espera - a place filled with deadly creatures beyond your wildest dreams. But Calypso’s vision came with a warning. She proceeded to tell Black Blood that his next quest will cost him his life as the sea will surely swallow him whole. Armed with Calypso’s latest vision of the silver coins, Black Blood sees his ship ‘The Black Tide’ resting in the distance. Realizing there’s not a moment to waste the pirate captain shouts to his crew to get the ship ready. Madam Calypso begged Black Blood to stay in Ortega and to think of the lives of his crew members. But if Black Blood is to get the coins, he knows his crew needs to act fast, as the brotherhood guarding the coins may move at any moment.