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The Point of the Matter: Medford Knives Mean Business!

When the job requires tough action, you need a resource that’s just as tough. That’s where Medford knives come in. These American-made, handcrafted tools come in handy for the most demanding environments man and nature has ever conjured. Whether you are serving in a theater of war, hundreds of feet below water, geared up for law enforcement, shoulder deep in an elk or Cape buffalo, or preparing for the big “What If,” Medford offers a knife or tool design that will not only help you get your mission accomplished, but may save your life.

Medford knives feature minimal design elements and clean lines, a massive structure, and a combination of grinds. Some knives models are combined with tool elements, such as screwdriver heads or glass breaker. Knife blades are usually made from D-2 Steel, CPM-S35VN Stainless Steel, and CPM3V Steel. Handles are usually made with titanium, G-10, carbon fiber or a Paracord. In short: Medford knives are strong and built to last.

Medford’s reputation for high quality, toughness and reliability has made them a favorite of the military and private sector. For example, Medford’s EOD-1 model was designed in collaboration with the United States Marine Corps and the TM-1 was crafted for security services around the world.

The Medford Guy takes pride in being an exclusive Medford Knife and Tool dealer offering a stunning collection of the best and newest Medford knives for discerning knife aficionados. Check out our inventory of all things Medford and the variety of different shapes, sharpness, and build of these fine knives, depending on purpose. For more information, give us a call today.

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