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The Ultimate Guide to America's Biggest, Baddest Folding Knives: Medford Knife and Tool

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

If you’ve been in the world of Medford folding knives for any amount of time, it comes as no surprise to you how intimidating and enormous their product line can be. For those of you completely new to the Medford brand, understanding all of the nuances can be a bit confusing. With this blog post, we’re setting out to teach you about Medford’s incredible line of American-made, folding knives.

From the large and in charge Medford Fat Daddy, to the discreate and elegant Gentleman Jack, this guide will highlight Medford Knife and Tool’s current folding production models. Sit back, pour a drink, light a stogie, and enjoy this blog post going through America’s quintessential line of folding knives.

As Shown: Medford Fat Daddy with satin blade and Betsy Ross inspired custom laser engraving.
Medford Knife and Tool 'Fat Daddy' Folding Knife

Medford Fat Daddy (Two versions: TFF-1 Full Thickness, TFF-H Hybrid)

With a name like “Medford Fat Daddy,” it comes as no surprise that this knife is one of Medford’s biggest, badest blades in their product lineup. This 9.5” beast blurs the line between folding knives and fixed blades. The full-size, TFF-1 Medford Fat Daddy features a .260” thick blade just like its Praetorian “Ti” counterparts. The handle is exceptionally ergonomic, constructed of solid .187” titanium scales and is held together with an oversized six-shooter pivot that the 4” blade revolves around. For those who think fixed blades are superior to folding knives, this is the Medford folder for you. Pro-tip: wear a sturdy belt because this knife is an absolute monster!

Note: There is a Medford Fat Daddy TFF-H (hybrid) with an identical form factor, however, the thickness measurements are slightly different. It’s still a phenomenal carry, offering a much lighter weight with the same bulletproof build quality and incredibly tight manufacturing tolerances. The blade on the Medford TFF-H Fat Daddy is .190” thick and features .125" titanium scales. This combination equals big, slicy, and very lightweight.

As Shown: Medford USMC Fighter Flipper with bead blasted violet anodizing and PVD finished blade.
Medford USMC Fighter Flipper Tactical Folding Knife

Medford USMC Fighter Flipper

Capitalizing on all the successes of the Medford Fixed Blade Fighter, the USMC Fighter Flipper brings an entire new level of precision and portability on a famous classic design. Coming in at a massive 9.5” overall length, the Medford Fighter Flipper is arguably the best folding companion on the planet. This beast rides on silky smooth bronze washers that wrap around an oversized six-shooter pivot. The massive .190" thick razor-sharp S35VN blade has a smooth action that only improves as it ages—much like a fine wine. As a nod to old school design, the titanium scales feature retro milling as a throwback to its predecessor while adding a titanium pommel that functions well in any impact-oriented task. The milled titanium clip is a work of functional art allowing easy placement and removal from the pocket without tearing your pants. This is a truly one-of-a-kind knife up for any task you can throw at it.

Note: There have been some dealer exclusive 3V runs of this knife but be on the lookout as they are rare!

As Shown: Satin finished 'Tanto' blade with blue anodized handles and filigree custom etching.
Medford Knives Marauder-H Folding Knife

Medford Marauder H (Hybrid)

The Medford Marauder H is probably one of the most recognized, quintessential knives within the Medford Knife and Tool product line up. Sweeping curves and solid lines meet to create a design premises of less is more. Named after the A-26 Marauder of WW II repute, this knife is a robust piece measuring in at 9.5” total length, with an expertly heat treated S35VN blade, solid .187” thick titanium scales, oversized six-shooter pivot, and titanium pocket clip. Though it’s typically featured with S35VN blade steel, the Marauder H can be found with a 3V steel for those wanting penultimate strength and hardness.

Note: There is a full-size, full thickness Marauder that is still in current production. You won’t be able to order this from Medford’s website, but authorized dealers, such as myself, receive them from time to time. These beasts feature a massive .026” thick blade and solid .187” thick titanium scales just like their Praetorian “Ti” counterparts. The full thickness Marauders arrive in a near endless amount of scale customizations and blade finishes, including Vulcan.

As Shown: PVD treated drop point blade, matching hardware, and 'blurple' anodized handle.
Medford Knives 187DP Drop Point Folding Knife

Medford 187DP (Drop Point)

Truly an American-made beast, the Medford 187DP gets its name from the solid .187” thick titanium scales that this knife is composed of. The hollow ground D2 drop point blade measures in at .190” thick and glides effortlessly across bronze washers. The 187DP blade also features a stylish thumb hole for easy opening and addictive flicking sessions. A work horse through and through, this is one knife you will not want to put down.

As Shown: Black PVD finished blade, matching hardware, tumbled bronze anodizing, and custom eagle laser graphic.
Medford Knife and Tool On Belay Folding Knife

Medford On Belay

Whether you're going for a night on the town or slicing through ropes on a ranch, the On Belay pocketknife from Medford Knife and Tool does it all. It’s flowing curves are reminiscent of a sports car, creating a knife that’s hard not to show off to your friends. This 9.25” long pocketknife features a shaving sharp 4.125” hollow ground blade in stainless S35VN steel. For easy opening, the Medford On Belay features a stylish thumb cut-out on the blade for quick deployment at a moment’s notice. Like many of the larger Medford Knives, the On Belay’s handle is composed of .187” thick titanium scales, an oversized six-shooter pivot, and milled titanium pocket clip for easy pocket carry.

More often than not, these knives will have a PVD treated blade for added durability and corrosion resistance. If you haven’t had a PVD coated knife from Medford yet, you’re missing out—the finish is classy and bullet proof. Please don’t shoot your knives! *Joe*

As Shown: Chad Nichols Damascus blade, and grenade 'frag' sculpted handle.
Medford Praetorian Ti

Medford Praetorian Ti

This is it: the king of all Medford Knives! The popular design that set the market to flames, the Medford Knife and Tool Praetorian Ti is a knife every collector should have in their pocket. It’s named for the Praetorian old guards of Rome—a badass elite group of fighters chosen to protect the emperor. The Medford Praetorian Ti knife is the perfect name’s sake for these champions on old. This big, bad series of pocketknives come in three sizes: The Micro Praetorian Ti, Genesis Praetorian Ti, and Full-Size Praetorian Ti.

Each of these massive knives share the same extremely tight build tolerances which include .187” thick solid titanium scales, massive hollow-ground .260” thick blade, an oversized six-shooter pivot, hardened glass breaker, and titanium pocket clips. The Medford Praetorian Ti knives are drastically different in their overall lengths when unfolded. This is highlighted in more detail below.

As Shown: Medford Full-Size Praetorian Ti in full dress, dragon Damascus blade, timascus handle.
Medford Full-Size Praetorian Ti

Medford Full-Size Praetorian Ti

The Medford Full-Size Praetorian Ti is just under 9” in length, measuring in at precisely 8.93” long end to end. Whether you choose the drop point or tanto blade shape, the cutting-edge measures in at 3.75” long. When closed, this hearty beast measures in at 5.25” making it pocket-friendly for its large size. Lastly, the full-size Praetorian Ti features the signature Medford “M” titanium pocket clip! The is the only Praetorian Ti knife model with this specific pocket clip.

As Shown: PVD finished blade, bronze anodized 'predator' sculpting.
Medford Praetorian Genesis Ti

Medford Praetorian Genesis Ti

Long considered to be the “Goldilocks” of the Praetorian lineup, the Medford Praetorian Genesis Ti is perfect for those wanting something that’s not too big, and not too small. It measures in at a robust but palatable 7.5” overall length with 3.3” being the blade alone. When closed, the Medford Genesis Ti comes in at 4.35” shut, or just under an inch shorter of the full-size variant.

As Shown: Medford Micro Praetorian Ti with Chad Nichols Damascus blade, and 'peaks and valleys' sculpted timascus handle.
Medford Mirco Praetorian Ti

Medford Micro Praetorian Ti

Like a small stick of dynamite, the Medford Micro Praetorian Ti packs a huge punch for its size. This beefy little monster measures in at only 6.75” total length, with 2.8” long blade. When folded shut, the Micro Praetorian Ti is an extremely pocketable at 4” in length. While looking at this knife, it initially appears small. With that being said, the feeling of this knife in hand is substantial due to the massive .625” overall thickness. It fills the palm of your hand without the hot spots typical of thicker knives on the market.

As Shown: Vulcan tango blade, falling craters sculpting bronze anodized scales.
Medford Knives Praetorian T Folding Knife

Medford Praetorian T

Within the Medford Praetorian knife product line, there can be a lot of confusion about the Praetorian T versus Praetorian Ti. When it comes to the Medford Praetorian T knives, they have nearly identical measurements as their thicker Praetorian “Ti” counterparts. Where these manly tactical folding knives differ is in the thickness of the titanium scales and blade. The Praetorian T series knives feature .190” thick blades and titanium scales that are .125” thick. That’s it! The thickness of materials used is the biggest difference between the Praetorian T and the Praetorian “Ti” folding knives! When it comes to blade lengths, total lengths, and folding dimensions they are on par with their “Ti” brethren.

As Shown: Medford Full-Szie Praetorian T satin drop point blade, blue galaxy anodized scales.
Medford Full Size Praetorian T Folding Knife

Medford Full-Size Praetorian T

Sharing an identical footprint as the full-size Medford Praetorian Ti knife, the full-size Praetorian T features the same overall length, blade length, and folded length while still including the meticulous tight tolerances and attention to detail that Medford Knife and Tool is known for. The Medford Praetorian T includes a thick .190” drop point or tanto blade and solid .125” thick titanium scales. Best of all, the full-size Praetorian T is still considered to be a perfect canvas for Medford’s incredible custom options like hand-sculpting, laser etching, and mesmerizing anodizing.

As Sown: Vulcan tnto blades, flamed hardware, colorful anodized scales.
Medford Praetorian Genesis T Pocketknife

Medford Praetorian Genesis T

The one and only - OG - original gangster design. The Medford Praetorian Genesis T fits ever-so-perfectly in hand. It was Medford’s original Praetorian design, with the full-size option actually being the result of a printing fluke. Regardless of how it came about, the Praetorian Genesis T is a knife that’s easy to carry that handles extremely well for single-handed use, and is capable of even the most relentless cutting task. The Genesis T features a .190” thick blade, and .125” thick solid titanium scales, an oversized six-shooter pivot, milled titanium pocket clip, and hardened D2 breaker. As with the full-size and Micro Praetorian T knives, the Medford Praetorian Genesis T can be fully decked out with all of your favorite custom options straight from Medford Knife and Tool.

As Shown: PVD drop point blade, PVD hardware, tumbled and flamed scales.
Medford Micro Praetorian T

Medford Micro Praetorian T

Coming in at just 2/3 the size of the full-size Praetorian, the Medford Micro Praetorian T packs a huge punch. Small yet mighty, this knife measures in at 6.75” overall with a 2.8” razor-sharp blade. The Medford Praetorian T is extremely comfortable to carry, weighing in at only 4.9 ounces and folding to a compact 4” closed. Like the other knives in the Praetorian T lineup, it includes a .190” blade thickness, solid .125” thick titanium scales, an oversized six-shooter pivot, milled titanium pocket clip, and hardened D2 breaker. This is possibly the perfect everyday carry Praetorian!