Of all the Medford Knives in existence, the Chunky Monkey folding knife from Medford Knife and Tool blurs the line between Sheep’s Foot, Wharncliffe, and Cleaver. At only 2.3″blade length, this might well be the world’s “biggest” little flipper knife. So, for you city slickers and open-minded Americans who maintain friendships with Democrats, or aren't lucky enough to live in free states, this knife will deliver poise without scaring your bunny rabbit friends too badly.


As Shown: PVD S35VN "Sheep's Foot" Style Blade, Thick PVD Titanium Handles, Gold Anodized Titanium Pocket Clip and Hardware.


Knife Specs:

Total length: 4.9"

Blade length: 2.3"

Blade thickness: .190"

Scale thickness: 3/16"

Closed length: 2-4/5"

Weight: 4.3oz

Medford Knives Chunky Monkey Folding Knife - PVD Blade, PVD Scales

SKU: 0474