One of the most underrated products from Medford Knife and Tool, the Greknuckles are perfect for weighing down stacks, popping bottles, or adjusting attitudes. These grenade-shaped, brass knuckle style paperweights are just 1/16th shy of half an inch thick and include an integrated bottle opener in the ring. These attitude adjusters also feature a full titanium construction ensuring they’re light enough to carry in case you need too… pop bottles on the go or holding fat stacks of paper in place. With Medford Knife and Tool’s manufacturing and finishing prowess, these full titanium brass knuckle bottle openers look proper with two stacks of 40K underneath them! These Medford Greknuckles feel good, looks good, and make one mean paperweight.


Medford Greknuckle Specs:

  • 7/16ths in thickness
  • Titanium Construction
  • Peaks and Valleys Custom Finish

Medford Knives Greknuckles Titanium Knuckle Paperweight - Peaks and Valleys

SKU: 0491