Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver with aged Patina finish and polished details or in War Ready Bronze.


The Keelhauler is a toned down in size, version of the Grand Keelhauler. This piece is perfectly crafted for anyone that loves the sea. Whether you are a boat captain, Navy Veteran, or just love pirate lore, this is the piece for you. The Anchor looks as if it’s been lost to the depths for years, eroded, and adorned with barnacles and muck. An unlucky crew member was made an example of, and used as the Captain’s nautical compass on this pendant. The boat chains that wrap around the anchor are so realistic, you’d swear you could just untangle them and take them off.

These ‘pieces of four’, are half the weight of the famous and giant treasure coins known as ‘pieces of eight’. These coins would have been common in every tavern, shipyard, open market, or shady back alley deal in the 18th century Caribbean. One of these silver coins was worth about half a weeks wages for an able sailor in the Royal Navy.

These particular coins are marked by another story, a tale of two ships. They are dated 1717, the same year the pirate – Samuel Bellamy’s ship the Whydah Gally (Galley) sunk off the coast of Cape Cod. It is the only conclusively identified pirate shipwreck and treasure. 1717 is also the year Blackbeard captured the slave ship he would make his new flagship, renaming it the Queen Anne’s Revenge – the most terrifying ship in Caribbean waters during the Golden Age of Piracy.

This one in 925 Silver

Metal Urgency - Keelhauler Pendant with Replica Spanish 4 Reales Coin Dated 1717

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