On October 2, 1835 a militia of 135 Texians refused to return a loaned cannon back to the Mexican Government. The cannon was their lifeline to hold off frequent deadly raids by Comanche war parties. A skirmish ensued between the Texians and Mexican forces, and with little bloodshed the Mexicans retreated.

This altercation would be the start of the Texas Revolution.

This pendant represents Texas’ fight for independence from its beginning to end, with features of the Gonzales Flag embedded in a fully sculpted topographical terrain model of the Lonestar State and “1836” on the bale to celebrate the year Texas gained its independence. On the back of this piece are the words from the Gonzales Flag “Come And Take It”, the flag that was flown by the victorious Texian Militia before their historic battle.

Sometimes we need to make a stand, for our freedoms, our families, and our rights.

This is the smaller version.

Metal Urgency - The Lonestar Pendant in Silver/Small

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