We make “Warfighter Jewelry”. It is nothing you will ever find in your local jewelry store in the mall. We make art you can wear, that tells a story of struggle, of triumph, and of exceptional human acts. Warriors are not limited to those that have seen battle, the fighting spirit lives within all of us…..most choose to ignore it.

In 1985 our entire planet got to witness firsthand, true “Warrior Spirit”. We would turn on our televisions, and watch one man in silence….then suddenly the whole world would erupt cheering in unison, “DID YOU SEE THAT, HOW DID HE DO THAT, HE LOOKS LIKE HE CAN FLY”!!!

Michael Jordan changed the World, not only on the court, but in sneaker culture, fashion, and with what humans believed they were now capable of achieving. (And we did, we achieved more!) People wanted to “be like Mike”, kids from every race, country, and social status had to have his shoes. On every ball court the number 23 was never absent, you would see players hanging their tongues out, and spreading their feet as wide as possible as they took flight towards the rim…..even if they couldn’t fly.

Why would we make an MJ piece? We are making this piece to pay homage to a Warrior, a Competitor, a Leader, and a Champion, the Greatest of All Time!

This one is in sterling silver and is the smaller version

Metal Urgency - G.O.A.T. Pendant in Silver/Small

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