The ancient Greeks had a term for a wrestling, boxing, or a pankration bout, we are the champion achieve victory so fast, that “NO DUST” was even kicked up. The word that meant No-Duster was “AKONITI”. The only way to achieve such a victory, was to be the fastest, strongest, and the best at your craft.Today’s modern athlete, and warfighter trains their mind, and body to the absolute limit, and their “tools” are always evolving. This pendant is a combination of key tools that help you stay one step ahead of the enemy! The bale is an Olympic weightlifting clip, and the pendant itself is a standard 45LB plate. The spokes on the plate are 5.56 mm rounds. Also on the front of the pendant, is the back end of an M4 Carbine. (Look through the sights!) The back of the plate reads “ Forge your Mind, Body, and Tools for War. Triumph awaits you”. The plate also has the Greek term “AKONITI” etched into it. Now go train, your opponent is!!!!!!

Metal Urgency - Iron and Lead Pendent small - Spent Brass

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