-Great American Door-Kickers Association-Many brave men and women have sacrificed everything to keep our nation free, and many more will step up in the future generations. No matter the uniform, no matter your specialty, if you took that oath, you are part of a family of patriots that is unlike any other. Few  things in life truly draw people together in a bond, like sharing in the hardships, and obstacles of combat. You can go years without talking to or seeing each other, but when the phone rings, and an old familiar voice comes over the line, it’s as though you never left each other’s side. Where is this ring with pride, and it’s left side a “tab” reads I.G.Y.6, an oath to take care of your military brothers and sisters. The tabs sits atop an M204B feed tray, with linked 7.62 rounds being sent down range. On the opposite side the ejection port is spilling out links and hot brass is piling up, a tab reading G.A.D.K.A Sits above all the action. When you buy this ring it shows you are part of the “Great American Door-Kickers Association”, and if you are wondering if that’s a real thing…... It is now!There is so much to this ring, it’s easy to forget that under the gallery of the ring conceals an M4 Selector Lever, now you can actually hold your finger up and say “this is my safety Sir”. The details on the helmet pays tribute to a true American hero who lost his leg in Afghanistan, we tried to keep the patches authentic to his gear.

Metal Urgency - The G.A.D.K.A ring in Spent Brass

SKU: 0201