The Mjölnir Pendant
Do you have the strength and courage to wield the God of Thunder’s mighty hammer?
When Metal Urgency decided to create Thor’s Hammer they wanted the piece to be as powerful and as beautiful as possible. Telling a story and a small work of art gets tricky, but they think this piece says it all. From the Viking Longship (the pendent’s bail) riding a storm to Valhalla, to Thor’s goats, the runes on the side of his helmet, and the Valknut bead worn in Thor’s beard paying respect to his father Oden, they packed a lot in. The back of the hammer is just as impressive, with interlocking dragons, knot work, and a traditional Mjölnir held in the the center. Inside of the ship Metal Urgency as a company paid tribute to a recent fallen American Veteran, his initials in Viking Runes along with the phrase “UNTIL VALHALLA” Make this pendant something any Warrior will cherish forever.

Metal Urgency - The Mjölnir Pendent in 925 silver/large

SKU: 0262