Santa Sacs are here and they are amazing!! I am so proud and excited to bring this Black Friday deal alive! 
How it works: There are 12 Santa sacs and each cost 500 dollars! You won’t know which one you’re getting till it shows up at your door!
What’s inside: One Used but in great shape Medford Knife retailing over $550! One silver bead on a lanyard! One Medford patch! One @fiberlightfirestarter kit! One Medford bottle opener! And one Samurai Sac!! 1 in 12 chance of getting a Praetorian Ti!! The Sac with a Theseus will come with a @chrisblackdesigns TMG ring. (So please include ring size with sale in case it’s yours!) Thank you so much in advance..! This should be a lot of fun! Will ship out after cyber Monday..!! Live on the site tonight!

Santa Sacs!!! Santa Sacs!!!

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