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TITAN™ - Medford OAK Collection

After its highly anticipated release, The Medford Guy is proud to give you an exclusive first look at the TITAN™ - Medford OAK Collection.


The TITAN™ is loosely based off the non-traditional lines and curves of the famous Praetorian pocketknives from Medford Knife and Tool. Although the TITAN™ shares a since or heritage from the Medford Praetorian, it breaks traditions and norms creating a piece that truly blurs the lines of artistic expression and function. The Medford TITAN™ is the hallmark for the TMG Master Collection donning luxurious materials across the build featuring American-made, hand forged Chad Nichols Damascus and Timascus all painstakingly machined and hand sculpted to produce a world's first investment-grade knife.


The Medford TITAN™ OAK Collection truly surpasses its namesake and transcends expectations with its 5/16" construction through the knife's build. Each piece on the Knife has been meticulously produced to meet exceeding standards of precision from its hand forged Chad Nichols Damascus tanto blade, to the Chad Nichols Timascus skeletonized scales, even down to the most minor details like the hand turned oversized Timascus pivot, hardware, and milled Timascus pocket clip. Pushing the norms of custom knife making, the team at Medford Knife and Tool chose to hand-sculpt the Timascus scales and pocket clip in a style dubbed "Stained Glass" which offers large peaks and valleys that play with the light as it reflects of of the crevices similar to the faucets of a diamond. The level of machining and hand-work executed on the Medford TITAN™ flawlessly mimics the high levels of quality found in the luxury knife segment similar to that of a Petek Philippe Grandmaster Chime, or a Jacob and Co. Astronomia. This investment-grade artistic knife from Medford Knife and Tool completely flips what is expected from the custom knife world, propelling into a new segment all on its own.


The Medford TITAN™ is a knife that is to be experienced to be appreciated, and is truly unlike anything else on the planet. Be sure to schedule a complimentary one-on-one consultation below to see the knife in-person, or by virtual call, for the opportunity to own this historic piece of knife making history.

Medford TITAN™ - Medford OAK Collection:

Sale Price: $150,000.00

The TITAN™ - Medford OAK Collection: The Worlds Most Quintessential Luxury Knife