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Medford Knife and Tool 187

Experience the Medford 187 - Unmatched rugged Performance

Discover the epitome of American craftsmanship and innovation embodied in the Medford 187 series by Medford Knife and Tool. The Medford 187DP (Drop Point) is a true testament to quality, featuring .187” thick titanium scales that lend it a robust edge. Its D2 drop point blade, boasting a .190” thickness and a hollow grind, effortlessly glides on bronze washers. The blade is complemented by a stylish thumb hole for easy opening, enhancing its accessibility and flair. On the other hand, the Medford Knife and Tool 187-F, also known as the 'flipper', combines the strength of .187” titanium and steel in a cost-effective package. This lower-priced entry into Medford folding knives still delivers exceptional performance, with the drop point blade smoothly gliding on bronze washers. The revolver-inspired flipper cam ensures seamless flipping, aided by the six-shooter themed titanium pivot.


Both the Medford 187DP and the 187-Flipper embody the proud tradition of all Medford knives, crafted with materials sourced exclusively from the United States.

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