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Medford Knife and Tool Marauder

Elegance Meets Power: Unveiling the Medford Marauder Legacy.

Indulge in the allure of the iconic Medford Marauder – a true masterpiece within the distinguished Medford Knife and Tool arsenal. A harmonious blend of sweeping curves and resolute lines gives birth to a design philosophy that celebrates the essence of "less is more." Paying homage to the legendary A-26 Marauder from World War II, this knife stands as a robust champion, measuring a commanding 9.5 inches in total length. Crafted with precision, it features an exquisitely heat-treated premium steel blade, solid titanium scales, an oversized six-shooter pivot, and a titanium pocket clip. While the Marauder traditionally boasts the S35VN blade steel, enthusiasts can also discover variants with other exceptional super steels, promising unparalleled strength and hardness.