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Medford Knife and Tool
Praetorian Slim Knives

For years Medford Knife and Tool has been renowned for their thick, razor sharp, and near indestructible pocketknives with a silhouette all their own. With the release of the Medford Praetorian Slim and Praetorian Slim Flipper, the Medford team has flipped the perceptions of knife collectors and enthusiast alike! The Medford Praetorian Slim series of knives feature similar lines and curves of their larger counterparts but now with a much thinner everyday carry friendly profile. Measuring in at a 7.6” long and rocking 1/8th inch slabs of titanium and premium blade stock the Praetorian Slim and Slim Flipper are lightweight and slicey. Perfect for field use or more formal settings, these knives are a complete departure from Medford’s reputation for thick, beefy, monstrous knives. Shop below for the best deals on the Medford Praetorian Slim and Slim Flipper today.